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Can you tell me what is wrong and what the fuck is going on or is this just how you treat somebody you don't know? And if we're not 'Punk' enough for you and your cool friends well at least we're 'Punk' enough to say fuck off!!!

Tell me all about the rules that made your little world so small. And did your mom buy this for you at the shopping-mall? And 1 more thing I wann know: I saw you dancing at our show. So if we┬┤re the wannabes, than what are you????

Now tell me, please tell me what it's all about. Now tell me, yeah tell me what you think about this! If you really think that you are better you best go find a place where anybody cares about the shit that's coming out your mouth about the You - don't - look - like - real - punkx - affairs..
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