You Got Me Runnin' Lyrics

Tim Buckley

Dream Letter

Lyrics to You Got Me Runnin'
You Got Me Runnin' Video:
Ah, if you've been passing through Lord the swinging gate
Chances are you look behind you and wonder where you are
And wonder where you are

Ah to know another man's heart to know him through his pain
To know him through his happiness
Then you can truly smile, then you can truly smile

No it's not not just what you say
No it's mostly how you feel it
And it's not how much you spend
No it's mostly where you lend it

Ah I look around me every morning
So many love so many still on top of that thing
And I have to wonder truly wonder truly wonder
You care much about life to fall off and start again

Ah keeps me runnin' it keeps me hidin'
It keeps me peepin' but Lord don't you know sometimes you find it
It keeps me slippin' and slidin'
It keeps me runnin' and hidin'

Peepin' and a findin'
Ah I know I don't have that much love to give
Oh but I'll find a way to try
If that gate ain't swinging low
I got the key in my heart to try
Ah if you been passin' through that swingin' gate
Chances are you looked behind you and wonder where the hell you been goin'
Where you are and why you'll carry on.
Lord your mind wants to die but your heart keeps yelling back
"Buddy keep going"

Those voices from the sea keep calling out: "Don't let us down"
The wind's gonna howl and the baby's gonna cry
Keep runnin' and hidin' now, peepin' and a findin'
Slipping and a slidin' runnin' and a tryin'
Keep on tryin'

Ah now the room keeps buzzin' yes
It's like a beehive in the forest when the bears are down
Lord it hates to be caught hates to be brought down
I ain't gonna suck the life from you
Lord I got my roots back home
And I just tear on borrowed time
Just thought I passed by and say hello friend
It don't feel the same way I do
Think after that
You see I'm just a rusty henge
Keep on runnin' keep on listen to your heart
Ah listen to your heart
Don't take the sparkle out of those little children's eyes
Let them run and play let them run and play
Soon enough to be just like you
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