You Don´t Know (that You Want Me) Lyrics

Isabella Gillis

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Lyrics to You Don´t Know (that You Want Me)
Boy, you make an end because you told me I´m too jealous and you don´t love me anymore Bridge: do you think I´m stupid I noticed every look from you so please don´t think I´m too silly to look behind your empty words Chorus: You don´t know, that you want me in the night and when it´s day fromn sunset until morning´s grow you would love if I stay but I don´t like this stupid show if you want me you should know that I don´t like your drama act it to some other and please conclusivly see that you want me you put your arm around a girl always when you know that I watch you although she´s fat and ugly and even doesn´t love ya you do it too i got fed up with all those actions you wish that it much hurts but don´t you know that i laugh when I hear your funny words who tell me "sorry I don´t love you anymore" your bad acted drama is better than every comedy Chorus I just had to hear your voice and knew you still feel something, for true feelings don´t go from one day to the other but you want me to bother if you wanna hide ´em you shouldn´t hover ´em all over the whole world Bridge & Chorus oh-oh-oh stupid boy

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