Lyrics to You Don't Know
You Don't Know Video:
I think it is the hardestwhen I see you look at herin a way I thought was onlymeant for me --- inspired by meand my heart is black and heavyit is slags of Merthyr Tydfiland it heaves onceand then it sighs onceand then there's nothing moreso I walk on through the marshesand my ceheks are burning whiteand my hood is your rejectionand my pain is your connectionand a bird I don't recallcalled don't recallcalled don't recalland I know you must be therebecause people stop to talk to youyou don't need...and the wind howls cross the ice floesand the frozen furrows quickenas I stumble to the tundraand the tundra is my loverand I lie hereand I wait hereand I raise one arm unto the skyand if I raise it high enoughand hold it long enoughwill the snow pull me back through?and it's Beddgelert and frozen dirtthe snow a soothing, smoothing, soothing handyou don't I ate a star from the far back, black skyand it floated up behind one eye and wavered there...

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