You Don't Ever Call Lyrics

The New Amsterdams

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Lyrics to You Don't Ever Call
You Don't Ever Call Video:
You don't ever call
You don't ever answer
I guess you're just ignoring the mistakes of our endeavor
I've got words to say
You've got ears to hear them
You just keep avoiding so those words are never spoken

I know I may be want more
Then you've got the time for
But I'm gonna need you back on the line

We've been laid in stay
The view but there's no mourners
But I can see the shadows of the bodies in the corners
Don't have time to wake
I'll have to abandon
Remember all the days we spent, the good times when we had them

We had a good ride
There were some bad times
But this ain't the place, and this ain't the time.

We can say goodbye
I'm sure that you don't notice
Oblivious because I cannot find you to report this.
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