Lyrics to You Deserve
You Deserve Video:
You deserve that love
Oh love
Oh yeah

What's going through your mind?
I don't get it
You insist on running away
Like you don't see potential
How can I get ya?
So you ain't got a man or commitance
But you can't help me comprehend
If there was a circumstances, I could understand

I'm going hard
Making moves
Doing everything
Tryna get you to open up the door for me
Cause you're only a few steps away from here
Wifed up, he ain't treat you like a beauty queen
All I need is an open oppurtunity
Cause baby I can see that

You deserve someone that loves you, loves you
You deserve a love that won't go away
Baby you should let me show you
I can show you
I can show you more than I can say
I'm willing to give my heart to you
Baby you deserve that love

I know that you've been through your hassle
He ain't telling you "I've got you babe"
And maybe the first one's out the door
But baby I won't let that happen
On everything I love I've got you baby
Cause my intensions are to let you know that I


Let me treat you like the superstar you are
Cause the love I have can't be replaced
(Just can't be replaced)
Cause all I see right now is you up in my life
And as long as you are there
I won't stop until you're here
With me


(Thanks to jasmine for these lyrics)
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