You Can't Stop The Pras Lyrics

Pras Michel

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Lyrics to You Can't Stop The Pras
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[Prakazrel "Pras"] - One Verse
Is this fuckin' mic on or what?
In a daze, I walk for miles like Isaac Hayes
Run relays where your team gets delayed
She keep a magnum by the ashtray
When Pras come to visit with John Forte' !
Dining out, in a five star cuisine
Stretch, double R invisible limousine
Riding down your block never to be seen
The supreme dream team is a money machine
You a fiend, I'm a king
Watch me, do my thing
Money like DeNiro
The squad's sub-zero
You chicken parmesan hero eatin' while I'm winning
I've been living, my team's stealing, you're still wishing
Still bitching, still fishing, still snitching!
Penny pinching, having meetings in your kitchen
Send my man shotty, clips to your body
Jewels from Liberace, partin like Dolly (Parton)
Yo, Yo, Check it!
I dedicate this piece to my peeps who roam the streets
God bless their soul, may they each rest in peace
There's those who finance and those who choose to lease
Whatever suits you, whether on a term of your lease
Different strokes for different folks, GOD!
I refuse to going back to being broke, LORD!
He got struck with lightning he got hit, HARD!
Faces twenty like two maximum
His whole life was scarred!
The Preacher's Son and I, came off the Santa Maria
Ten case amount of, then caught the diarrhea
Whole load of Refugees on the aircraft carrier
Some say Dirty Cash? We never heard of ya
You never heard of me? Yeah, well check your Billboard, yeah, you'll see!
From the heart of Kingston, to the streets of Brooklyn-Marcy
All the way to the highest peak of any frequency, unhh!
Illegal aliens, them all run invasions
Broadcasting all over your radio stations
Mathematics, lead me to believe
there's mysteries in numbers
Lightning and thunder
Enough, ribbons in the sky
To make Stevie Wonder
and man it works, to say I come from down under
The wiz kid got no ride
You frontin' at the bar
You ain't a star
You rolled up in somebody else's car
You know the deal! BMW, Black Man Walking, came home your
Timberland was talkin'!

[Pras - Outro]
What?! Ha Ha! Ha Ha Ha!!
Yo, Skribble man this is some bugged out freestyle! For the Nine-Seven!
This is Dirty Cash, Pras, and I'm out!
Yo, man thanks for lettin' me be on here yo, you know what I'm sayin'?
Pick up The Car---!
Pick up The---!
Pick up The---!
Pick up The---!
Pick up The Carnival y'all! Pick up The Carnival!
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