Lyrics to You Can't Stop
You Can't Stop Video:
Keep saying my name
on repeat in your head like a broken record
memorizing every word I said
It's such a shame your mistake stole all your satisfaction
I left you alone just lying in your bed

You say you sleep
okay at night
You're feeling fine
But now you want to cry...

You Can't Stop, You Can't Stop
Thinking of my candy lips
You Can't Stop, You Can't Stop
dreaming of my fingertips
running over your face
and now don't you hate?
boy, you made a big mistake.

Smell my perfume on your sheets
and I know it must drive you crazy
to reach for me and find that i'm not there
You keep seeing my face
It's all you can think about and it's too bad baby
that it can be so easily erased

You try to quit
then you give in
you can't resist
i'm there under your skin

You're calling my number
Just to hear my voice on the phone
Well, you had me and it's over
Now you're lying in your bed all alone
You're all alone
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