You Can't Kill The Blues With A Gun Lyrics


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Lyrics to You Can't Kill The Blues With A Gun
You Can't Kill The Blues With A Gun Video:
Monday morning can't open my eyes cause everyone's looking for me
My life's no longer a seven day weekend cause I'm still asleep on my feet
Wanna stay on top of your life you got to try as hard as you can
But all you got is another struggle and no one's gonna lend you a hand

{You can't kill the blues with a gun, you gotta find the strength to stand
You just gotta keep your eyes straight ahead, walk on like a man}

Chaos all around no one can stop us cause tonight we're back on the piss
If it ends up in jail or it ends up in blood, that's the way life is
I'm not the one who cleans up after, somehow its always done
Spend your life worrying about, you're not gonna have any fun


No ones gonna tell you when you're doing right they tell you when you're doing wrong
As long as they keep themselves shut up, we'll keep carrying on
The aching burning self is on my back again
You better look for something good and enjoy it while you can
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