Lyrics to You Came For The Everest
You Came For The Everest Video:
Wash it out
I'll moan it to you
Push it out
I'll cut into your
So don't hesitate
To saturate exaggerate it all
We don't fuck we copulate
If that's nicer to hear
We don't borrow we hit and run
We treat mean for the reputation's sake
Our silence can bring up a storm
Everything feathered took off
Some place quiet and still like as if
There's a difference where you're at
You're a part of it
You're not to be sold apart from it
It's our own record
So why are we so ashamed of it
Hold it's already too far
turns just mix everything up
halt ready to depart
stop tearing skies apart
plain and deeply regretted
slapped deep into the soul
slayed and digitally worshipped
halt hold on to the ground
Cause as soon as you'll hear
the break fading it will settle down
Sucking out all the emptiness leaving it
all for the science to make new names up
everything I walk away from comes back to bring panic and drain
out the pupils and flange all the sounds that have to be clear
in order to forge calm which will be buried in chambers on the wrong sides of today
cries speak no language
but do inform
They tell the history
Of what went wrong
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