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Dru Hill

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Lyrics to You Are Everything (Remix)
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Yo we gonna try something a little different Yo make.. make my voice a little more distorted Yeah I don?t know if they ready for this Uh dance uh uh dance uh uh dance uh uh dance Uh uh verse Last night we had an argument Afterwards I?m feelin? pretty bent Then I took a drink and I didn?t think What was in store for me 1 You don?t know you don?t know how she'll take it Tell me what a simple man could do Will she cherish your heart, will she break it Cuz you are everything and everything is you, sing 2 - You are everything and everything is you You are everything and everything is you You are everything and everything is you You are everything and everything is you Listen, baby don't want you playin' me Lovin' me, holdin' me Over and then ya play me, blame me, lately You everything to me, wonder if truly That our love is always Repeat 1 Repeat 2 Break it down, oh [Ja Rule] Yeah huh, Ja Rule and Dru Hill, nigga Baby girl, you tellin' lies Cuz when I look at you in your face I could see I?m on your mind And it don?t matter what them hoes may say I know your love is blind for me Every bitch needs a thug nigga in their life Truly, could it be, could it be You enjoy me fuckin' you while you be lovin' me Bitch destroy hoes mentally That?s why they freak with me, frequently Love is life [Nokio] No nigga, life is love Take her bad but just ice her up Head for tour, tell her to keep in touch [Ja Rule] Nigga, that?s what?s up [Nokio] Being Nokio's a bit much Y'all bitches overseas that love to fuck Y'all bitches in the states that love to suck What the fuck y?all want from me Ghetto celebrity from B'more [Ja Rule] Murderer, Do Or Die from the N-Y [Nokio and Ja Rule] Now everyone get right [Nokio] N-O-K-I-O baby [Ja Rule] R to the U to L-E, baby And yo, alotta y?all bitches hate me Cuz you can?t relate to me What the fuck you want from me? [Nokio] Made them hoes know now they think I get rich and I get rearranged cuz you know You are everything Repeat 2 until fade

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