You & What Army? Lyrics

The Parkas

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Lyrics to You & What Army?
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My friend you threaten to harm me.
You and what army?
Open fire, aim straight for my heart.
Rattle my ribcage and take me apart.
All this warpaint can’t disguise there’s no murder waiting in your eyes.
You call me too diplomatic.
Your interference is giving me static.
If you know my Achilles heel, get out your knife and cut me a deal.
Push my buttons, pull your rank, love me tender as a tank.
After sadness, after pride, who gets conquered when we divide?
So I’ll let you win tonight, but there are fuses left to light.
One false move and we’re done for.
One false heart could start a war.
You’re thirsty, I’m feeling violent.
We’ll settle this drinking in silence.
I’ll go home on a bus heading south.
Victory tastes like blood in my mouth.
Has my heart always been a piece of shrapnel in my skin?
I can’t remove it anyhow, but I’ve got the scars to prove it now.
Identify the casualties. Count the bodies casually.
All that’s left is the both of us- ashes to ashes and dust to dust.
Every time that I surrender you put a weapon in my hands.
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