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Lyrics to You And The Rest
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You say you're thinking of me
and you'll do it at any cost
you say that you believe in life
and in love you've never lost

Everything keeps changing on me
I can't tell you how I feel
people shift and rearrange on me
how should I know what is real?

It has beeb shown
you can get broken bones
and it has been proved
that there is much to lose
when we try to live as one

You ask me where I've been
and to you I just can't lie
there were only ever two women here
you and the rest that passed me by

And yes I'm thinking of you
can't switch you off at any cost
while I figure out these rules of love
and pretend I've never lost

But I lost from the start
I was kicked back hard
intake and backdraft blew
then flames consumed
where we try ti live as one

I'm not making plans for tomorrow
I'm just figuring it out
You can beg it steal or borrow
Or count me out

I see the moment disappearing
and this joke is getting thin
I see my enemy appearing
and I'm him

Can we try to live as one?
when you get back...

(Thanks to Carine for these lyrics)
Songwriters: BORRELL, JOHNNY
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