Lyrics to You And I
You And I Video:
June 2006

You and I should get away, escape before the sun can break another day
Before a conscious thought can change our minds
To say one day that we were young and we were endlessly alive
You and I should run and run, escaping to the land of a hundred thousand suns
None of which come down on us my love, none of which are cut from their strings above

Tomorrow is today
Don't let it slip away
Tomorrow is today

You and I are something else, with wings so strong the sun wouldn't even dare to melt
Others will try to follow, they will fail, we'll leave them laying in our trails
You and I will live to tell the stories they'll forever die to tell
Upon the stormy oceans we shall sail, beneath the clear white clouds avail

Tomorrow is today
Quit pushin it away
Tomorrow is today

And there'll be no worries to crack our faces
No empty holes or open spaces
Just you and I and all that traces
Just you and I and all that lies between
Just you and I, Oh nothing comes between
Just you and I till something comes between
Just you and I, but oh they come between us now

Clearly I should get away, you'd be happy I'd have nothing left to say
And they would laugh aloud as we restocked the days we stole from some place far away
This is where I start to run from all the things that are and are to come
Cos all my efforts couldn't stop the blazing sun
From coming down on us my love

If tomorrow were today
It would probly be the same
And we will never change
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