You And I Alone Lyrics

Jeff Hanson

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Lyrics to You And I Alone
You And I Alone Video:
Every hour it's easier
It's the same thing every time
And the last thing you will hear
Is the first thing on your mind
Though in telling our lives on and on again
And you try to see the times when it's open
And worry not of regret

Please remember the scenery
It was clear and calm for me
The place just hung with open eyes
And we all knew my machine
Still I'm breathing standing
Trying hard to reply knowing why
The one who sleeps while in motion
Is easily placed as you'll find

How was I to know you'd be their call
Waiting on your own
And everything would change if you were gone
I'm learning after all for you and I alone

But the moments always
Keep me here with you
And I feel worse alone and you do too
The light is moving catching
On to where you've been
And I've decided to stay here
And do it all again
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