You Ain't Livin' Yet Lyrics

Chase Rice

Dirt Road Communion

Lyrics to You Ain't Livin' Yet
You Ain't Livin' Yet Video:
He said boy, you ever been outside of this town?
Ever thought about gettin' out to the west coast?
And down to Mexico, I said no
I just stood there pumpin' his gas
While he rambled on something about Paris, France
And the northern islands and how they dance at night
And how I'm missin' out on life
He said you ain't livin' yet
Yea, that's when I said

If you never slept or kissed in a hay loft
Drove your pickup truck with your shirt off
Let the whistle crow beyond long cline
Then you ain't livin' yet

If you never thrown a lion out from a jungle
Go down the little subways on a dirt road
I'm in a tow truck on the marble
Then you ain't livin' yet
No, you ain't livin' yet

I popped the hood on his Cadillac
And checked the oil while he just laughed
And said you're right, I never tried anything like that before
And I said I could tell by the Mardi Gras beads
And the stack of road maps in your backseat
You've been everywhere but man I swear
This place is different than anywhere
I told him you ain't livin' yet
Now tell me this

You ever put a buck shot through a stop sign?
And felt a burn from your first sip of moonshine?
Met the regional at the red light?
Then you ain't livin' yet

You ever thrown your voice out at a tractor pull?
See a hot girl ride a mechanical bull?
Pulled your heart out on a bar stool?
Then you ain't livin' yet

You said something that got me thinking
I'm thinking I might just stick around
By the way you talk there's a world I've never seen inside of this town
She let me take a look around
I'd trade me this Cadillac for a step sign
Grabbin' us he callin' moon pie
And just soak up this country line

‘Cause I ain't livin' yet
You're right man, you said that you ain't livin' yet
‘Cause I ain't livin' yet
Said you ain't livin' yet
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