Yoo Dai Mai? (Can I Stay?) Lyrics


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Lyrics to Yoo Dai Mai? (Can I Stay?)
Ter yahk bohk gun mai, yahk rabaai, hai krai fung bang mai Do you want to tell me? Do you want to let it all out? Ter ja ma jahk nai, gerd arai, jeung seum lae sao pbai Where'd you come from? Why are you so sad? * Hak sing nai, ter yahk hai chun tum If you want me to do anything Bohk gub chun, took yang them jai Tell me, I'll be more than happy Yahk ja nung fung ter, ma pbrup took nai jai gub chun I'd like to listen to you, come and ease the pain, I'll listen ** Yoo dai mai, kor yoo thon ter sia jai Can I stay, I want to be with you when you are sad Kor yoo thon mai hen krai, kiang kang ter leree suk kon I want to stay when you don't see anyone, I'll be by your side Yoo dai mai, yahk yoo ta ter thong garn Can I stay? I'll stay if you want me to kor yoo pblop jai hai gun I'll comfort you Yahk nung kang ter throng nee dai reu pblao I'd like to sit right by you, is that OK? Ter took krai tumraai, jep mahk mai Did somebody hurt you? Does it hurt a lot? Mai wai gor bohk ma If you can't take it, tell me Hak wa ter neuay la, gor lup tha, ping ma tee chun leree If ever you are tired, close your eyes and lean on me

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