Lyrics to Yoga Pants
Yoga Pants Video:
Hahahaha, what?
I see you walkin' with yo momma at the Walmart
Hmmhm, lookin' hot, look how nice she tied
Look at her legs
Boyfriend, look at her, look at her, look at ha
Sexy, huh

Hey, girl, I see you in those yoga pants, I know you don't do yoga
Hey, girl, I see that naked ass holdin' yo hands, he ain't be that chocha
You in that big ass Range even tho you only 4 feet change
Hey girl, you see me lookin' at you strange
Just to lift that ass you gon' need about two cranes
Hey girl, you got ass for days, posin' in yo panties and yo big ass J's
Hey girl, I see you can't act yo age, 35 actin' off a new cool grade
Hey girl, I see you on Black Twitter, titties out talkin' bout thirsty nigga
I see you on Instagram, posin' in the mirror with em nurse' pants
Hey girl, get yo son some chips, now cover this spit and get me a beer
Hey girl, I see ya lookin' just like supper, got me lyin' sayn I'm allergic to rubbers
Hey girl, I'm so wet I'mma blast, I'mma pull out and eat it so I don't cum fast
Hey girl, I see you with that art degree, why you workin' at Shoney's, bitch?
Hey girl, my man like art too, I slide the number to my homie
Hey girl, I see ya only date white me, black ass talk about teas light skin
Hey girl, you like Cher with hips, now the black guys holler out the side of the whip
Hey girl, I heard you was the preacher's kid, playn innocent and doin' freaky shit
Hey girl, you act tough in the street, take get yo ass peeped then you call the police

This shit is stupid dumb, ignorant at so many levels
Hide yo kids and yo children and yo wives, because fuck
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