Lyrics to YMI
YMI Video:
When everything is going wrong turn by
When everything is going wrong turn by
Yes, even when the things it's all go wrong
Sometime you just gotta pause
And take a deep breath cry and talk to get it out your chest
Or even say to yourself God bless
A nigga reflex can turn you to a mess
Medicine man you're wave like that
I need come with me right about now
The way the thing are I feel it a bit fall
A bit grammy but that snap my style
Sort of like we against the world
We past drop now it's time to go earn
Make it in the rain for the gogo girls
All smash show ém I roll perls
Dizzy spells make me you bad eat ...refill
Fat GOD not evil for this here it won't be no secret
Attitude have the problems some
Feeling free as a young and a will be like bubble gum
YMY on a high club, beating my between the lines
Even without a diam you know to make a gift
Life's like a skip you recording the mix
Magazine got you ... deserve
So when it's gone the low it's like when you cross on
What would you do for a climb like ...
Ice cream, night hot dreams
Life in the tunnes voices say my name
There's a limit I won't go for anything
And I'm smashing all like fizzy all it's all me
Pleasure and pain I need it both can be close
For the New Year here coming
When everything is going wrong turn by
When everything is going wrong turn by
Conclusion, no illusion, I beat too much keep close the confusion
I love the bluzze, pain this is a good both flip the page
Look farther new chapter
Free you mind get caught up to the rap shit
Zip a glass you shoud you shoud pause and lay back
Like your enemy will reclime and get back
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