Lyrics to Yeovil Town
Yeovil Town Video:
It was ten years ago we did a show in a pub in Yeovil town
but no one came we were packing in the rain hungry, we went to look around
It was late and dark we stopped and we parked
by a chippy in a one way street
We hadn't ordered before in through the door
came a nightmare swaying on his feet
He was about my size red around the eyes
smelling fo glue and beer
A dotted line across his throat "cut here" said the note
I thought "I'd rather not be here"
He came into my space a foot from my face I took my right hand slowly from my coat
But he wasn't that slow "are ya gonna 'ave a go, are you man or a mouse" and I quote
In Yeovil town

Well the scars on his head went well with the web of the spiderman tattooed on his ear
My heart overtime pumped a heady red wine of anger, adrenalin and fear.
Then in from the rain a heavy metal couple came, the frozen moment passed
Our order arrived I pushed him aside and we were outside looking in the glass
With our food in our laps staring at the maps searching for the way out town
Then round the bend came our new friend, Phil said "lets run the bastard down"
That night in Yeovil
In Yeovil town

Well he started up the car he wasn't too far away staggering in teh middle of the road
I saw the fright in the white headlights oh God we only just slowerd
He put his hands out, gave the front a clout and seeing it was us inside
Threw his chips on the floor staggered round to my the moment the engine died
That night in Yeovil
In Yeovil town
I was struggling with the lock he was picking up a rock finally the engine fired
We sped into the night we hadn't touched a bite you know we nearly retired

Well the moral of this song won't take long
You might want to write this down
Don't tempt fate, never eat late and stay away from Yeovil town
Don't tempt fate, never eat late and stay away from Yeovil town.
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