Lyrics to Yellow Spotted Goats
Yellow Spotted Goats Video:
My fellow Americans, we are young, restless and motivated,
We drink, we smoke, we body, we do these things all alone,
I give you a message of peace.

No goings, I need a dog list,
I need a running through a radar, whole I see
This is Mary J, should really chill, dog,
You make a scene out of your favorite rapper's video,
She's really up there, you know, first class,
If you're up to get a shot you'd probably wanna want that.
She'd probably treat college life, drinking can,
Above average, would try to get below the line.
She needs a good head and better yet, good hand,
Someone that can know not using the tools had.
I try to strow you, and your friends, too,
That's what the label say, and then they sign you.
Before they find you, I try to guide you,
And this is mainstream, make a fucker so tie you,
Okay, the know, here you go, mainstream freaky videos, videos.
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