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O Desolation

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Lyrics to Yellow Flower Patterns
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It's vintage blue, the light that I see dance on the window panes.
The music notes are soft and quiet; I can hear the static of the room.
and I like to sleep on the floor,
but only when I'm too lost to move.
and I like the streetlights that fly by,
while I am thinking of you.
I'm always thinking of you.
It's straight and uniform, those poems you typed on that page.
and I'd die to know the depth of every single word.
and I like the concrete,
but only when I'm too sad to move.
and I dealt with those blinding summers,
like the one where our family fell apart.
Yeah, we're not much of a family now.

And I figured it all out, I really matured this time;
I can recognise the beauty in the yellow flower patterns.
and I like the air and I like the river
and I like the music when it's not in tune.
and I like the trials and I like girls
that come and go.
and I like you.
I really really do love you.
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