Yearbook Signing Party Lyrics

In Reverent Fear

Written In The A.M.

Lyrics to Yearbook Signing Party
Yearbook Signing Party Video:
Angel, will you accept my midnight invitation. you're born of perfection, yeah, misplaced and torn. funny how you show me the pictures of last minutes you waited for. "i thought this was it, i guess i was wrong." on friday, half mass heart building a new life. open eyes to the sky, the party is all about you. you're just looking, you're not searching like june, and last june. i waited by the phone, you never called. if this is what you wanted, you got your wish with pink ribbons and glitter and letters you will never return. ever after, you know that this is war. spilling blood for every last word. write it down and move on. i draw these pictures of words when i cant say anything at all. i saw you, i saw you wishing on somebody else. rope them up, run away. these are my last regrets. we're starting over, sure. him and her and him and you a sad move, like benches breaking for you. a part of me wont dream of shattering you, so i bury the me in me

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