Yeah You Know Lyrics

Anna Burch

Quit The Curse

Lyrics to Yeah You Know
The bugbites
The blood dries
It’s in the past
I’ll let go
If you say so
I’m all in
Yeah you know

I gotta go out west, a while
Playing it cool, stress not my style
I call you up to calm me down

But your phone’s dead
And you’re sleeping
The dog lungs
They’re in my head

You don’t worry about me
You know I’ll be true
Can you tell me that you will too?

I drive all night on 80 East
Put on the mix you made for me
I call and you’re not answering
Just say something reassuring

I should know when I go
You will wait for me
But it’s hard to let go
Of insecurities
From bad memories

So okay, you’re not like that
Yeah you know where I’m at
Songwriters: Anna Burch
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