Lyrics to Y2K
Y2K Video:
July '69 we spent so much time expanding our mind so that all mankind could go much further than the moon. We soon realized being polarized was not very wise and it compromised our ability to get there soon.

Come on boys, it's going to be OK, you're going to shout hooray! The year 2000.
Come with me, explore the galaxy, you're going to yell yippee! The year 2000.
Blast on through to the wild blue, you're going to yell yahoo! The year 2000.

It's only time we wasted, we reached the lunar surface. It's such a crime. We gave up exploration. We beat the Soviets. We just stopped trying. After unity everyone was free to stay put and be safe from tyranny that had been so prevalent before, then technology exponentially and dramatically increased activity when we share our secrets to make war.
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