Lyrics to XRV
XRV Video:
There is a fallacy beyond your shield
A fabrication you can't reconcile
When all around you crumbles like a brittle tie

And the way you keep yourself concealed
Is like a vacant threat beside that certain smile
When deep inside you rings a tone you can't deny

Interior illumination
I may be blind but I can see
With XRV

Code violated
Exposure created
Soul separated

Imaginary screen that you hide behind
Is like a window with the curtains pulled aside
When high above you angry shells begin to fly

And I can beat the static in your mind
Into the place where truth and sin collide
When far below you revelations fail to die

If you're looking for a reason
I can show you all I see
With XRV

Open resistance
Shallow existence
Torture so intense

Unite the waves I generate
There is no form I cannot penetrate
If only you could see the pain I feel in you
A mirror to your soul is free
Without a trace of vanity
I'll share with you the mastery
Reveal your agony
With XRV

Divine intervention
A vision extension
With pure intention
Lie dominating
Mind liberating
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