"X STEREO" With a blast, loud!! Out of the repressions, exist inside of me now...
Def (This) track, force it, with the sound. We'll go for a free ground.

Just fun! No fight, No conflict, No side, on the free ground.
The music, to blow up the limit
Just to feel, Go, fire up, Go, freak out
If blind now, Find your self. Existing inside, Let it go out, the force now!!
The force...

Some repressions, Exist inside of me now
Some impressions, Exist inside. out! the force now!!
The force...

Just fun, no fear, no conflict, no side, on the free ground.
The music was born from the resistance.
The beginning of the new world. Out! the pressure.
and it pass the line,
Def track, replay... This track refrains...

Release in the free ground.
It starts in the free ground.

"X STEREO" phonogram.
I trip in the electric sound, Fly free...
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