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Lyrics to X-Rays For Breakfast
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Lying here alone wishing I could hold you
But you've gone back home
Take another pill, looking through my diary
Who else should I call?
Who else has to know?

You and I were something special
But you want to settle down
I am only holding you back, so you've gone

We were holding hands this time last Sunday
But now my hands are cold
Scanner sees my brain but not what I'm thinking
I wish you could had stayed
I just loved you too much

â??It is for the greater good,â? you said
â??If you really love me then you'll want to see me happy
Which is why I'm going to go�

Your life will move on, mine is stuck in stasis
Until I will soon ascend
I loved you so much that I had to see you happy
Now you're happy it's the end
I tried
I died
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