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Lyrics to Written On Your Face
Written On Your Face Video:
If you don't mind
Don't tell me that lie
I can see right through you
Your expression tells me more
Than words could ever do
I see right through you


Hit me off,sugar don't run away
C'mon baby, it's written on your face
No other love is ever gonna take your place
C'mon lady it's written on your face
If you don't show it
Then how would i know it
Mama you can't let this slip away
Now why you keep runnin'on
When what you want is right here
Let love break me through your fears
She's hot she's fine
She knows she got the whole world in her eyes
She blows my mind
The love's right here she knows she can't deny


Every night, every day
I long to see your love come my way babe
Don't deny,keep it real
Ineed to know how you really feel


You want me i can see
Plain and simple reality
Baby don't deny, keep it real
I already know how you really feel
Songwriters: Deane, Kevin / Calderon, Mark Elra / Thornton, Kevin Kraig / Watters, Samuel J / Abrams, Bryan Kyeth
Publisher: Lyrics © EMI Music Publishing
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