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Lyrics to Written On Her (feat. Jay Sean)
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[Jay Sean: Chorus:] Yeah, she got it written on her Her swag on lean The way she dancin on me Can tell that she a queen Her mama wouldn't like it, her daddy wouldn't either And the way she grindin on me, you can tell shawty's a keeper [Bridge:] She got it written on her, aye aye aye aye She got it written on her, aye aye aye aye She got it written on her, aye aye aye aye She got it written on her, aye aye aye aye [Birdman - Verse 1] (Yeah.. Born Rich.. yup) Gucci bag poppin tags New crib brand new jag Birdman born to shine Bad bitch all the time Stay fly, ride fly I'm stuntin', stay high Straight G, just like that Blow 100, bounce right back Red hot, hard top Cash money hard knock Bentley frame, drop top 50 G's, the bottles pop Iced out, so we chill Tunin' up every automobile Tatted up, life of a G Counting stacks and five star suits [Chorus] [Bridge] [Birdman - Verse 2] (Yeah...Yeah) 250 on the dash Yeah i'm livin fast Yeah I'm gettin cash I need a bitch thats bad Shawty play your role We slammin phantom doors She be like drive slow We burnin purple smoke I said I'd never fold I promise not to stop Just like my rolls Royce The way that girl drop I need a hot girl The way the girl hot Dollar signs tatted on her on her private flight [Chorus] [Bridge] [Jay Sean] I wanna be all over your body like it was Miami with tattoos Baby I have to, I ain't playin And I needa some good girl in front of me baby You drivin me crazy, yeah [Chorus] [Bridge]

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