Lyrics to Write It Down
Write It Down Video:
You'll miss it when it's gone or so they say, but it's also not worth keeping if your good intentions have faded away. If you're keeping your head down towards the ground, you'll never fall, but you'll never leave this town.

If we only listen to our friends, then we'll go down together. There's nowhere else I'd rather be. Please stay the same. I hope you never change, cause you're the only ones that still believe in me.

Don't think you're the only one that's not too sure, about what went wrong, and how this is harder than it ever was before. We don't all see each other every other day, so I'm writing down the things I couldn't say, any other way.

I still need your help, though you know I hate to ask. You've learned to move on, and I'm yet to react. Don't forget the ones that you know, one day you'll need the most.
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