Wreckin' Ball Sound Lyrics

October Light

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Lyrics to Wreckin' Ball Sound
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Make way here I come,
I'm like a white boy punk rock KRS ONE.
I'm droppin' droppin' science and I'm droppin' poetry,
a mic and two speakers bringin' noise like CHUCK D.
Hey Ho! Let's Go! I'm your sensei welcome to my dojo.
I'll train you in the ways of lyrical bone breakin'
and manacle mental manifestations of Satan.

Cuz when I get loose man I gotta speak truth,
cuz the world and its lies are a tightening noose.

That;s why I come through with the wreckin' ball sound.
I came from underground with this renegade sound,
bring Babylon down with the wreckin' ball sound.

On Lonh I I was born step to Nassau County and get your rep torn,
but even now I put it down for the OC
rep the 405 and the I.I.E.,
Let's form like Voltrom
this track is battle rap Armageddon,
the nations are the stations where I broadcast my sound

Poor Mii! the Israelite,
God is at my right hand I'm singin in a strange land,
once I was dragged inside the gates of Nineveh,
then Babylon, now I'm in America.
Wake up and don't sleep! I don't get hight but I do get deep
I don't party but I study every day at dawn
and pray for the coming of the eschaton.
Two cities toe to toe, both wanna grow,
Jerusalem or Babylon one's gotta go.
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