Lyrics to WoW
WoW Video:
Recycle Bin: once upon a time in the land of Azeroth
Subrandom: Dave Chapelle fought David Hasselhoff
Recycle Bin: we started out life in the Valley of Trials
Subrandom: now we stack gold in big ass piles
Recycle Bin: lookin through the books on top of the shelves
Subrandom: learning spells, gonna plow some naked elves
Recycle Bin: chillin in Thunder Bluff or Iron Forge
Subrandom: we're engineers at the level of Geordi LaForge

PC Speaker:
got home from work and I had some time,
so I opened up WoW and I got online,
logged into my Shaman up on Daggerspine,
when this maxed out motherfucker tried to take what's mine,
he said "I spent a thousand hours and I failed out of school,
and to justify it, I challenge you to a duel"
I said thats okay, I know you'd beat me,
look at me I'm not even at level 20,
I've got one of those things that they call a job,
and so I can't spend all day, runnin a mob,
motherfucker kept pushin, wouldn't leave me alone,
I said fine bitch, pretend to be Sylvester Stallone
after he won he started talkin hella shit,
and I thought to myself, "Is this fool legit?"
I called Recycle Bin and Subrandom to the place,
and they found the little bitch and regulated on his face,
see, we don't take no shit from internet teenagers,
pretending to to be straight gangster ass bangers,
step out of cyberspace and come over to my place,
i got a level 60 bullet for your motherfuckin face

remember back when 10 fuckin levels was hard?
nows it's ten 60s gankin noobs in the yard,
fat stacks of gear for Blackwing Lair,
10k armor when I shift into bear,
we got all these farmers rollin on gear,
now we quick to boot em the fuck out of here,
Murlocks be screamin when we show up,
Volatile Rum's what's fillin up my cup,
today we catch no hastle in Stratholm,
droppin bosses harder than John Holmes,
updated weekly, this shit is great,
can't say no more cause the game don't wait

Recycle Bin:
started out my life killing them boars,
now I spend my days rapin Night Elf whores,
catch you in the valley, and get me some head,
I swear that we're fighting an army of speds,
don't even get me started on you gold farmers,
you gotta make a living, but I need that armor,
one day I met this dude yellin "Yar motherfucker,"
tankin up mobs like a angry drunk trucker,
introduced me to the ill Druid squad, yo,
never run with em, but I'll give a priest a nod, ho,
you can melt faces but I'm smashin em in,
Windfury on my tuf so you fear Recycle Bin,
watch out, comin soon to an ass near you,
a non-stop beating that's long overdue
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