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Lyrics to Wouldn't You Agree
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You're going to like me again

I know it

I sure hope it

But I know you're gonna like me again

I'll be like

Putty in your hands


Even though I can be anything to you

I'm a rock

That doesn't change

Somewhere in, you know that

And that's what you like about me

I'm a rock

And I'm not gonna change for nobody

No thing

Because it's all about God

It's all about God, and

That's really where I am, but I'm

Sure leading a physical life here

And I'm perfectly happy to give it all to you

Unconditional, unconditional

I'll be what you want

I'll accept everything that you are, and...

But I'll ask you to change

According to my standards

And I will change for you, too

I know you have standards, also

It's kind of normal and natural

Wouldn't you agree

Yeah, you would agree, I'm sure, but


I'm gonna see you, and

We're go-ahh ? we're gonna work all that out

That ain't really nothin' to worry about

I... I hope you're...

Happy, the next time I see you

As you were the last time I saw you, and

Guess what

I think you will be so happy

You won't even remember the last time

And it won't be important


You got me in a new way

Which beats the old way

Guess what

It ain't gonna change every single day

We start up

When we get out of bed

I'm gonna be stronger, and

You're gonna like me more, but

That's okay, because

I'm gonna like you more, too
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