Lyrics to Worthy
Worthy Video:
In the morning we rise to the sound of the birds
In the silence I pray for the wisdom of words
When I told you I knew you had already heard
By the water

Now I'm watching the sun as it sets behind the hill
The wind is breathless and the wild child of the ocean is still
You sing softly behind my memories of you
And when I'm drifting

You were worthy of something that I couldn't give

And I know it's not the same
Couldn't take you away from your pain
Though I thought a lot about it, I couldn't change
You were worthy

When you're dancing you still hold yourself just the same
To see you shining so golden just fills me with pain
And I knew you by touch but you knew me by name
Maybe one day my memories won't carry any shame

In the night sky distant fireworks fire beyond the shore
And the scent of the wood smoke brings me back to where I was before
You were talking to someone about something, then so soon
It was broken, I noticed that you'd left the room

You were worthy
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