Wormwood Star Lyrics

Kim Phuc

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Lyrics to Wormwood Star
Wormwood Star Video:
I knew it right from the start.
That you were born to be a witch.
Should have carved ancient sigils across my chest.

Blood red eyes. Placated smile.
Hides our world imploding.
Deathlock grip.
Human mist.

You're my wormwood star. You're my wormwood star.
You take an average Friday night.
And turn it into rights of pain.
Nothing can destroy.
Quite like an elemental can.

And when Babylon comes crashing down.
You'll be safe within.
Your non-reflective skin.

I have dreamt you from the start.
I have made you from my thoughts.
Summoned you from the stars.
Set you loose to tear apart.

You're my wormwood star.
Yeahhhh, yeah. You're my wormwood star.
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