World Went To Waste Lyrics

Demun Jones

The Oven

Lyrics to World Went To Waste
Gimme that
Gimme that

When the streets get so empty and the sky turns a dark grey (Uh)
And all you see are them flagpoles with no flags givin' a wave (Salute)
No sunshine in these empty streets just a bunch of empty space
And that's when... and that's when... and that's when...
The world went to waste-waste (Yeah)
The world went to waste
The world went to waste-waste (Uh, yeah)
Yeah, the world went to waste

The television finds a difference, makes a conflict of interest
Makin' all blacks look crazy and all the whites look incest
And you know that's real shit, watch CNN for a week
Don Lemon's a shit starter and a bitch for the mainstream
Yeah guns and killers, guns and killers
Who we're fightin'? A tyrannical government 'cause their heads got bigger
And people think I'm crazy 'cause I study conspiracy theories
When they don't ask shit, and that don't even make sense to me
They consume and get used, the toxic shit on the news
The white guy did it, black guy shot over Lebron shoes
Go ahead and point your finger in my face so I can break it
Take my AR-15 to the city, pay me to start ragin'
Is that really what you really think are my fuckin' intentions
Yeah, I know I'm a savage, but not related to Clintons
There's a lot of elites that should be locked away in a prison
So quit fightin' with each other you old half-steppin' idiots
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