Lyrics to Work
Work Video:
(feat. Rick Ross)

[Jody Breeze:]
"yo, that's right, boys in the hood shit nigga, ATL, haha, that's right, ay, ay.

We be on the block, posted on the curb, you know we keep it movin from the ounces to the birds, dimes to the dubs the boy or the girl, back up in the chavy (who) boys in the hood,
You need it we got it, you want it come get it [x4]

[Jody Breeze:]
Let's go to the ball, I'm a young nigga that; s pretty much touched it all, dust, weed, crack, pills yeah I gets it all, uh uh no knicks at all, dimes dubs and 50 stacks, want a quarter kush to blow? nine dubs to get you that, now I'm from the country but bitch my city's well known, for hidden liqs in donkey buts to nuggin green in hand bones, cop a brick for 16 get 15, our fanzone, bitch I serve more dope fiends than barry bonds got home runs, I get money hoe so fuck what you talkin bout, blind niggas say they run the south I don't really know what they talkin bout, street shit I think of me, that all black ball fitted, sold a whole block in dimes, 50 clubs bought it, you niggas lame lokin all urkelish, me and my niggas gangstas smellin all purplish, that's how we do it, I don't like to talk about it, I just like to do it, boys in the hood.


[Rick Ross:]
We be on the block, posted with the birds, he be ridin stock while I'm floatin on them 3rds, employed to the corner sellin boy was a bonus, see them Bs on the wheels and you know the boy up on it (boss), crack in the pot, keep plasmas on the wall nigga plastic like my glock, so I shot em for the cause nigga, I done seen it and lived it, I know fiends with no livers, only recoopin cocaine, I'm here to distribute, my hustle universa, I'm in that phat farm, look at your crack bomb damn I cut it phat for em, we touched your stacks now I'm too rich for em (back down), we make it rain, yeah bitch they call me black cloud.

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