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Meek Mill

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Lyrics to Work (Freestyle)
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[Verse 1]
Put in work, put 'em in a hearse
Killed my lil nigga Snupe
Shit I had to put him the dirt, 'fore I put him on a song
Shit I had to put him in a verse
So if you ever see his killer
50 racks on a nigga, put him on a shirt
Headshot, headshot
For 50 G's you better make his bed rock
These niggas talking beef, I'm eating lamb chops
You starving nigga, like Marvin nigga
I'm on the wood, hold up let me pause that nigga
But I'm talking Garden nigga, watching Melo ball
Why you talking work? You ain't never sell no raw
You ain't never cracked no bird
You was never at no curb
Poppin' wheelies me and [?]
If you ain't talkin money it ain't nothin nigga
Where you from you ain't stuntin nigga
It's levels to my bitch you can't fuck her nigga
Cause she like Chanel, you couldn't afford her
She got a TL you rockin a Honda Accord bruh
See you the type of niggas my niggas gon send to the store bruh
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