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Words and music makes a song For a love to sing along Like a choir within the air There'll be music everywhere A bitter tear across your cheek A smile for you is all I need You give me cause to breath the air There'll be lovers everywhere CHORUS I'll be your singer and your song For all the love you brought along I'll be your day I'll be your night I'll see that everything's alright I'll turn the ocean into sand Like my heart at your command I'll make the raindrops turn to snow And then everyone will know that we're in love... And when the morning brings us light Misty moonlight says goodbye My hands are shaking when you smile You make me feel just like a child My mind is searching for a way So that you won't have to say You've got to knowI can't come back But I can't take you make me sad Repet Chorus (2x)

Songwriters: GIBB, ANDY
Publisher: Lyrics © Warner/Chappell Music, Inc.
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