Lyrics to Word Perfect
Word Perfect Video:
I, brrrrrrrrrrrrrring!

Philosophy when I s-rrrrrrrrrrrrrrr-ing!

I step like wildabeasts, killll-llll-lllling!

MC's harming me I sling-lllll-ling!

Rhymes don't copy me you gots to be crazzzyaaayyyyy

Yet you believe that you can slay me play me maybe

Flip the style I be killll-illl-ing, the track

Obey me, easssssse back, you're silly wack and idle

Give me back the title my arrival questions the survival

of any rival rapper you're simply a promotional data

Me, Kris the Master, beat, this the Master

Seek, Kris the Master, eat, with the Master

Treat, this the Master, but don't compete with the Master

or you'll seek disaster

Faster than the BlastMaster's folk can say "Oh!"

That means YOU yo, you wrestlin with the style in your mind

but I'm like sumo, doin judo, you know

I go then you go, lyrics we run through run through

You think you got the 4-1-1

But I got the 5-5-5-1-2-1-2

You're done through rhyme sessions with the teacher

you know you shouldn'ta come to

"Once again back is the incredible, rhyme animal" --> Chuck D

KRS, K-K-KRS (or variations)

(repeat 4X)

Canibus/Can-I-bust, like weed?

And give you what you need

There's the kickoff and KRS-One has the lead!

Indeed I'm all around your neck like beads, raw hell

I knock like doorbells, I'm hot while you chili/chilly like Hormel

I'ma sure sell, no doubt

How you think you gonna battle and take me out

with my phrases in your mouth?

Stop I rock your socks your blocks and set fire

to your Reeboks, can't you see dat de God of rap I be dat

From the highest tree top you'll hang

I ride the fly cars like Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

You can't hang, with my mic con-cep-tion

Cause we're not in the same gang, my juice is instant like Tang

You rhyme beginner, wack rap sinner

You attack next snap back CRACK and I'm the winner

But that's simple for me to do as I'm speakin defeatin you

Fairly beatin not cheatin you, heat-seekin and leakin through

All styles be creepin through, in amazement they keepin you

You be thinking, "What were you doin? The teacher competes with you?"

You can run like the people do or you stay and you see it through

I be lyrically eatin you anywhere I be seein you

On the hip like I'm beepin you in your mental you're peek-a-boo

No limit what we can do metaphorically teachin you

Tell me what can you show me, simply you do not know me

No I am not your homie, yo my lyrics are Epic

but I'm not down with Sony, in the middle like Monie

Scarfacin like Tony, your whole style is baloney

You think you off the hook... but you're simply a pho-ney

"Once again back is the incredible, rhyme animal" --> Chuck D

K-K-K, KRS (or variations)

(repeat to fade)
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