Lyrics to Wop
Wop, wop, wop
I heard y'all talk, ain't focused on y'all
Scared of the dark, take a walk in the park
Dropped the top, we gon' [?]
Skrrt off that lot, we got too many cars
Too many broads, too many [?] (Ayy McCoy)
(I get my work from the narcos)

Drippin', I'm drippin', I'm drippin', I'm drippin' like woo (Yeah, yeah)
I flip it, I flip it, I flip it, I flip it like woo (Yeah, yeah)
I tip it, I tip it, I tip it, I tip it like woo (Yeah, yeah, ayy McCoy)
(I get my work from the narcos)
I'm gettin' that dough, I'm flippin' the rocks
You know that's for sure, yeah, yeah (Yeah)
Drippin' head to the toe (Toe), yeah, yeah (Yeah)
I pull up in that Rolls (Yeah), yeah, yeah (Yeah)
They ain't match my clothes (Clothеs), yeah, yeah (Yeah)
You know how wе rock
Pull up on you on the dot, on the clock, uh
I came from the rock
I came from the bums of the sums of the block
Countin' guap, I stack it a lot
Why not? Yeah, yeah

Hot, like fire
On the block, I might start a riot
I don't stop, I don't get tired
Stackin' that guap, yeah, all my cash pile up (Woo, yeah)
I'm goin' higher and higher and higher (Woo, yeah)
All this drip, I look like a styler (Woo, yeah)
I'm gettin' flyer and flyer and flyer (Woo, yeah)
And I'm [?] for the drip, I'ma die here
But I'm livin' the life that you couldn't imagine
Y'all workin' for me while I'm workin' with magic
They tried to trust me, I ain't make up reactions
Found my energy now I'm out here spazzin'
Viscously, spazzin'
I don't think, I'm a dragon
Get that cake and I bag it
At the bank and I'm laughin'
[?] it don't matter
On the hit I get flattered
They just keep gettin' madder

Wop, wop
I'm gon' drop that top, stop
Let me relax a little (Yeah)
We do not cap for real (For real)
We don't sit back and chill (Chill)
We do not lack or squeal (Squeal)
[?] like in the field (Field, field)
I'ma stack to a mil (Mil, mil)
I did that with a deal (Deal, deal)
With a mask, I reveal ('Veal, 'veal)
Just make 'em laugh, give appeal (Jit)

I do my dance, like a jester (A jester)
I'm gettin' bands, like investors (Investors)
[?] I'ma flex up (Flex up)
She gettin' mad, gettin' extra (Extra)
Probably why I left her
Probably why I leave her outside while I dip her
Probably why I read and never ever text her
I get the cheese then I get the cheddar
Blah, we're too hot
I stack my guap
Nah, I can't stop
I'ma stack it up 'til I drop
Until I die, or I'ma survive
Stackin' them notes while I'm still alive
Look in my eyes, don't seen behind the lies
Boy, don't you try to jump into the tide