Lyrics to Woodstock
Woodstock Video:
I woke up in NYC with a bunch of anxiety
The rent's due in a couple of weeks
But yo, I had this really fucked up dream
But I just let it slip away

Thinking 'bout all the bills I got to pay
I think I'll hock my trinity
I'll buy it back on a better day
I spent ten days in Woodstock taking it easy
So would you please excuse me?
Cause I'm feeling quite Zen and I'm happy again
Because I spent ten days in Woodstock taking it easy

I'm feeling mellow like a cello
Go ahead and part the seas
Just say hello to the fishies for me

Wow, man, what a sunny day
I can't wait to go out and play
Walk down these city streets
Laughing at all them city creeps

But shit, I got a lot to organise
I got a lot of thinking to do
Some other day the sun will be out
Another day the sky will be blue
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