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Lyrics to Woo Woo (Freak Out)
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Uh, yeah Uh, yeah Verse 1:MC Lyte Naughty but you like and nasty but you want it I'm the chick that never front it Picture that Me wearin a pager So you can be down my back It ain't happin jack Am I too fine? If so I can leave Have somewhere to go You better believe I keep a tight schedule Not many if less Still on a quest Not knowin I'm da best Causin a mess wherever I go They still want me thereI'm the star of the show Your ride is sweet My ride is much sweeter Come take a ride with this senorita Theres more to me that the eye can see But I'm twice as much as you'd thought I'd be When I hit da scene All better be where cause da party don't jump till I get there Chorus ( Nicci Gilbert ) Come on We're doin it everyday All night is how we like to play Feel the rhythm do what you want to do Kick back we're doin it at the woooooo Verse 2: MC Lyte You took to long to ask Now I don't know If you can hang wit my flow Keep it on da g-lowI start da fire Watch it go down When it's time to put the flame I'd a put your chew down When you roo-boo So nasty you sickWanna know my chicks Study, hear me like a flick I'm the girl your mama warned you about at night Ask Ronnie, Bobby, Ricky and Mike I'm that candy girl I got da suga for your sweet tooth Comin in your crib in my birthday suit I'm that, bad habit you just can't shake What I want I take Some a y'all could relate Got the yop ya To get ya stuck like glue It ain't over to we all come through When I hit the scene All better be where cause da party don't jump til I get there Chorus x 2 Verse 3: MC Lyte So you wanna be da tiger roaming through my woods huh Babe boy you gotta bring da goods Not just any penny Can get in my piggy Bently or empty you just can't tip me Like that, just what you like All up in your ear but I'm not like Mike Red Hot Be the brown chili peppa Y'all know my words Let's sing it together Light to infinite Like Dusk Til Dawn When I hit da scene All better beware cause da party don't ump da jump til I get there Chorus repeat til fades

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