Won't You Come Home, Bill Haley? Lyrics

Harry Connick Jr.

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Lyrics to Won't You Come Home, Bill Haley?
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(Hughie Cannon) On one summer's day, The Sun was shinin' fine, The lady love of old Bill Bailey Was hangin' clothes on the line In her back yard, And weepin' hard. She married a B&O brakeman That took and throwed her down, Bellerin' like a prune-fed calf With a big gang hanging round And to that crowd, She hollered loud [Chorus:] Won't you come home, Bill Bailey Won't you come home? She moans the whole day long. I'll do the cookin', darling I'll pay the rent, I know I've done you wrong; 'member that rainy eve that I threw you out, With nothing but a fine-tooth comb? I know I'm to blame, Well, ain't that a shame Bill Bailey won't you please come home. Bill drove by that door In an automobile, A great big diamond, coach and footman Hear that lady squeal. He's all alone I heard her groan. She hollered through the door Bill Bailey, is you sore? Stop a minute, listen to me Won't I see you no more? Bill winks his eye As he heard her cry [Chorus]

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