Lyrics to Wonderful Show
Wonderful Show Video:
You look after my home and
You take care of my boy, when
I'm not there to take care of you both

I call you up every single day, there's
Always something I need to say and
Lately, most frequently are the words
I miss you

I think it's a wonderful show you put on
And that's why I've been standing on my toes
Just to see you better than everyone else
I see you better than everyone else

You always watch me when I pack, you
Always know just where I'm at, but
I know it doesn't change the fact
That I'm gone

But some day, all of this will be over
No crying on the phone,
you can cry on my shoulder
And we'll both be a little bit older
And so will our daughter
Songwriters: OTTESEN, JANOVE
Publisher: Lyrics © EMI Music Publishing
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