Woman In The Waves Lyrics

Michael Franks

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Lyrics to Woman In The Waves
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When I was a boy of twenty-two
I stood before a statue
Was it you?

They shake the fruit when they dance
You should try some when you have the chance.

Her face had no power to deceive
She wore her beauty shamelessly
Like Eve.

Guavas can be bittersweet
But the mango's always good to eat,

Love has complicated my past.
God nows I left no stone unturned.
Now I realize that at last
I've found her again.

She understands how the blue water behaves.
Mother-of-pearl is the woman in the waves.
My eyes could travel her beauty for always.
Gold of the sun is the woman in the waves.

I know that my life has led me here
To where the dolphin jumps
And the sky's clear.

Here we live without locked doors
Share and share alike- what's mine is yours.

I see invitation in your smile
To celebrate our passions
Without guile.

In the noa noa night
Nave nave's a familiar sight.

I am avare of her fragrance
Even when she disappears
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