Lyrics to Wolves
Wolves Video:
There were wolves lying the dark
As she was raining sparks into the room like that
She was dancing in a neon cave with a tilted smile and a lover's laugh
Embossed upon her in the darkness
Like a light at the edge of night beside her

And as the drugs get in their heads they growl and circle at the edge beside her
There are wolves lying in the dark and so she rises up like a butterfly
She's still spinning in a scarlet dress and though the music stops and though the echoes die
She carries unknown things inside her like old volumes they will never read without her
And as the moves get in their heads they know that they don't know something without her

There were wolves

There are wolves hiding in the woods and they can smell the blood on the summer air
And they run beneath a million stars and in a million taxis and they're going where
They drink their beer from plastic glasses 'til they find the words to make the first move
And when the fear dissolves itself they find the means to execute the first move

There were wolves
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