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Prop 808

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Lyrics to Without Feeling
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Consider this your lesson learned, and misleading turn, an awkward bend.
Give yourself a second chance, to make things right and forget about tonight.
And it's all right to call yourself mine, and it feels right to lose sight of your life.
Don't get too worked up, wait for it to come back too.
Bring the feeling home to put it back inside of you. Look inside of you.
Curled up in lost connection, you could careless who's left, or whoá?³ leaving.
Why don't you stop worthless romances, live your life for you, and there's no one else.
Nothing else matters when you've lost control, it's no surprise that you're dying.
You're without feelings; you've lost the meaning.
There's no feelings; can't find a meaning. Now you're le
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