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Paris Texas

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Lyrics to Without Even Kissing
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Now it's raining all the time,
If you look into my eyes you'll see it's raining,
Now it's raining all the time.
I see your face in a crowd and I try to look away,
And Judy thinks that she'll get a tattoo and I think that I'll get one too,
On your birthday, It's such a special day.
It's all the same to me,
I see your face in a crowd and I try to look away.
What are you gonna do?
What are you gonna say when my day comes your way?
We'll just dance it away.
So you want to dance? The radio is on.
You stop. You start. You pick it up.
You sold the gold yourself, you sold yourself again.
Is this the way we'll act when we are only friends?
No matter how hard you think you are. Okay. Uh huh. It's hard.
Cause you all look the same, you all act the same right now.
But you'll never stop, you'll always be around.
You, yeah you, you're solid gold
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